miercuri, 2 noiembrie 2016

Dinner date with a beautiful King’s Cross escort

A few weeks ago one of my dreams came to life, I moved to London and I started working in one of its most beautiful areas, King’s Cross. It was something really special for me because I’ve always wanted to live in London, one of the best cities in the entire world. I really liked the idea of spending the rest of my years here in the true British way.

I knew that I was about to embark on an adventure that would teach me something new and that would open up great opportunities for me, the only issue I had was that I did not know much about the places where I could have some fun with King’s Cross escorts in London. I did not know any of my new colleagues and I was a bit worried that my time there would be spent only at home or at work just because I was a bit too scared to explore the surroundings on my own. But one day, I had a great idea, I wanted to hire an escort that would go out with me on a dinner date and show me a great time by taking me to all the cool places that she knew.

This is how I found Nyx Escorts, I read about them online and I found out that they are one of the best escort service agencies in London. I was excited by the fact that they offered personalized experiences to all their customers, thus I booked a date with one of their most beautiful and sensual girls, Cassie. What got me interested in her was her smile, she seemed like a very fun and friendly girl that would know where to take me and what to show me. Nyx Escorts were very helpful over the phone, I told them about my wishes and they said that they will communicate the fact that I wanted a dinner date with Cassie and that I wanted her to provide me with an erotic massage and a OWO afterwards.

This is how I went on a perfect dinner date with one of the most beautiful and friendly women I had ever laid eyes upon in my life. Cassie showed me places that I loved, pubs and restaurants that were so great, and her personality was absolutely amazing, she was so fun and joyful that I was smiling the whole time. But when she laid naked in my sheets, she did not fail to deliver the best sexual experience I’ve ever had. Nyx Escorts kept their promise and helped me discover King’s Cross with one of their most amazing escorts and Cassie sent me to the peaks of satisfaction and pleasure with her cute body and with her amazing smile. 

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