sâmbătă, 12 noiembrie 2016

My beautiful time with a Soho escort

I had been dreaming of having an a level with a woman for some time now. Unfortunately I just couldn’t convince my wife to try this with me she just did not want to do it, but one day I got a break, she told me that she wanted me to try out this fantasy of mine with only one condition, that it would be with an escort that she would choose and that she would film everything. I said yes and the next day I was surprised to find her with a beautiful woman from Nyx Escorts waiting for me at home.

Her name was Lucy and she was absolutely stunning, she was  one of the most beautiful woman I had
ever seen, her amazing body was looking absolutely great underneath her clothes and the way she smiled at me and talked to me made me feel extremely comfortable in her presence. I absolutely loved the calm way she treated both me and my wife, she was very, very delicate and calm and she wanted nothing more than to make us both feel good with her. And we did, especially when she started giving me an OWO that made my knees weaken, she was really skilled with her luscious lips and she truly knew what gives a man pleasure. Lucy, a beautiful Soho escort stopped at nothing from taking me to the peaks of satisfaction and ecstasy and she really worked with complete care and dedication to make me feel like no other time in my life. But when she wrapped her legs around me when I was inside her a level I felt like I was in complete bliss.

I loved the fact that she also gave us a pornstar experience, letting us film her and that at all moments she tried her best to make both me and my wife feel comfortable and cherished. We were in the presence of a true professional, of a woman with enough experience to make any man, no matter how exigent his requirements may be, feel like he is dealing with someone that is the pure definition of discretion, dedication and professionalism.

After our experience I browsed the website of Nyx Escorts just to find out more about them, and I realised that they were as professional as Lucy. They had amazing reviews and testimonials from all their customers and I can heart-warmingly say that they really are the place where dreams come true.

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